• Duff Culp – Bujinkan Sanami Dojo TX


Austin, TX! What a beautiful and diverse city to grow up in. I have lived in Austin all of my life and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to develop in such a great community. I originally taught Aikido and began training in Bujinkan at 17. in 1997. 


I am happily married and have known my wife for 20 years. I have many hobbies that include, carving, pyrography, leather working, bonsai, music, and anything related to art. I enjoy training in firearm proficiency, medical training and enjoy military history.


We have built the dojo from the ground up and it is still growing. The school has been at the location 11 years currently. The space is just a reflection of the passion of the students and would just be an empty building without them. I am grateful to all that have gone before me and hope to help contribute to those who wish to help the art continue to survive for many more centuries.



Hope to see you on the mats!


Duff Culp