Sanami Handmade Weapons

At this point in time due to time constraints, Sanami weapons are only available to local Austin students. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to Sanami Handmade weapons. Brought about by Duff Culps urge to have better training weapons for himself and his peers that wont fall apart in your hand or splinter. Safety is a priority although no amount of sanding or padding can make a stick completely safe. Sanami weapons and Duff Culp take no responsibility for accidents or injuries occuring from the use of these tools. One should only use weapons under the guidance and supervision of an instructor.These weapons are not sponsored in any way by the Bujinkan organization nor should or will they be held responsible for accidents, copyright infringement, or any other inquiries that may come about.

All shipping is the purchasers responsibility. Generally Western Union or Ups is used for shipping to insure delivery. Ground or air you decide.

To order just contact Sanami dojo with your inquiry. We do not mass produce any training weapons and generally make things to order which allows for more customization for your piece. Names carved in to the wood, specially colored leather work and so on.

Sanami Ipe Naginata


These naginata are made from dense ipe wood. Specially ordered they can range in size. The blade and tsuba are made from shatter proof delrin plastic. Locked into place with a thick piece of hand dyed leather and pins and handle is hand wrapped with wax linen cord and cemented and sealed for durability. The blad and tsuka are sanded and buffed very smooth to minimize and scratching or irritation upon contact. All that is needed to maintain the naginata is an occasional coating of lemon oil on the wooden portions of the staff. With a heavy realistic weight and realistic blade these are the nicest training naginata on the market that I have seen. The blade unlike wooden ones will not break due to the grain dying out and being weakened and will not leave splinters in your potential victims.



Sanami Ipe Tachi


These tachi are a must for the bujinkan 2010 training and theme of Rokkon Shou Jou. Hand made from feel and not a pattern they are made as long as a person might desire. They have a sharper curve but not so sharp they will weaken the wood. Ipe like any piece of wood is not invincible. It is not made for full contact sparring which should not be done with bokken for safety anyway. This is what shinai are made for. Ipe is so hard it can be brittle although very tough to dent or break it is not impossible These can be fashioned with a saya for $50 more and for $100 more can be fitted with a leather covered saya. The saya is shown further down the page and materials and process are explained. The tachi is worn blade up and hangs from a chain and hand length at the side. A leather tsuba can be added as well for an extra $25.Belowisa picture of a tachi along side a katana and shoto bokken in leather saya's for a size comparison.


Katana Bokken


The Sanami ipe bokken katana style are a favorite with a great balance and weight. Just like the Tachi the ipe's weight allows for a thinner blade and handle for a more realistic feel.  A handmade leather tsuba is available for an extra $25 and is fitted to the specific bokken. As well saya are available and fitted to each bokken to create an effective and realistic draw locking the bokken in so it doesnt just fall out when you bend forward. Saya are made from hard plastic and heat shaped to each bokken. Saya simply painted and finished with a plastic cap are $50 and more fancy leather wrapped saya are $100 and up depending on the detail and customization. Painted Saya can be fitted in many more colors than the leather but both have many options. There are a few sample pics available throughout the site and more will be posted as they are finished.



Bokken set


Ipe wakazashi


Ipe shoto


Ipe ninjato



Custom Ninjato


Tiger saya ipe ninjato custom artwork




Ninjato example: sold w/ purple heartwood Kukri knife


Ipe and purple heart wood bo staffs


 All bo staffs are cut in octagon style which improves grip and durability, as well as improving the striking quality. With the octagon edges you will be dispersing less powerand concentrating it into a smaller surface area. Plus it is hard to find a 6 to 8 foot lathe. These are generally industrial use machines. I am not an industrial business nor do I wish to be. There are cheaper training weapons out there and that is exactly what you will get. Cheaper. This is ok for some ecspecially beginners who are not sure how long they will be training. Myself I have ben through 20 bo staffs and countless bokken and shinai.  I dont want to keep buting things that dont last for years to come. For extra these staffs can be made longer but are generally 6 foot. Hickory is occasionally available and generally runs $60 for a bo.

 Ipe, Heartwood and Hickory Jo Staffs.

$80 for ipe and heartwood, $50 for hickory

All Jo are cut in octagon style, Hickory not always available. 

Ipe, Heartwood and Hickory Hanbo

$60 for Heartwood and Ipe $40 for Hickory 

Hanbo are all cut in octagon style. Hickory is not always available.