Bujinkan Sanami Dojo

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Class Information

Adult Classes

Please contact us for class schedules and fees as they are subject to change.

This years’ format (2020) will be focused around our understanding of the Takagi Yoshin Ryu (Bodyguard) School.

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There are no contracts for enrollment. Bujinkan Sanami Dojo is not a chain school that requires testing every month or that you buy only our materials. There will be no competitions for medals or trophies. An environment of actual learning and growth, along with friendship is what we wish to develop.


Private Classes are available upon request. To request a class viewing or Private class please Contact Us.


Please Note: Admission is at the discretion of the instructors. Before enrolling in classes a physician’s note may be requested.





Bujinkan Sanami Dojo Rules :


1. Members of the Dojo who bring disrepute on the Dojo may be suspended or expelled
at the sole discretion of the instructor.


2. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that personal hygiene is maintained
to a high standard.


3. Persons must follow the safety procedures, and instructions of the instructor in every
Bujinkan Dojo. Members found ignoring this rule (not letting someone out of a lock
etc.) will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Instructor.


4. Members must notify instructors of any injury or infectious disease sustained either
inside or outside the Dojo. If the instructor deems a person can’t train because of injury, then his/her decision is final. Students may be required to submit a medical report before training can recommence.


5. Members are asked to turn off mobile phones and pagers etc. except when
permission is given by the instructor. All training gear must be stored in a secure
place off the mat area. All jewelry must be removed or taped up.


6. Discrimination of any shape or form will not be tolerated in the Bujinkan. Members found to be in breech of this rule will be expelled.


7. Fees are to be paid at the start of the month, for the month. Members unable to meet
these arrangements should talk to the instructor, so that an alternative can be arranged.


8. Bujinkan Sanami Dojo retains the right to refuse or cancel membership of any individual at any time.


9. Members must wear appropriate training uniform and display their rank at all times.
Wearing of grades or rank not awarded in the Bujinkan is not permitted.


10. If member feels they are being treated unreasonably or are subject to bullying, sexual
harassment, or have concerns that other members might be subject to the same, are to bring these matters to the direct attention of the Instructor, without delay.


11. The Instructors of the Bujinkan Sanami Dojo reserve the right to change,
modify, add, or delete any of the rules without prior notice.


Please note that the above rules are set out by Bujinkan Sanami Dojo, and the Bujinkan Guidelines set out by the Bujinkan Honbu Dojo must be strictly followed at all times.