Bujinkan Sanami Dojo

Austin, TX • 512.773.9952

Testimonials: Ana Torres

I was initially introduced to ninja and samurai martial arts while living in Spain, but it wasn’t until I started training with Duff here in Austin that I truly began to understand the true art of Bujinkan and meaning of taijutsu. Duff’s attention to detail and passion for martial arts makes him an excellent teacher. It is incredible how he balances each students’ limits and skills, challenging us every step of the way, and allowing us to improve and grow every class. Everyone in class pushes and supports each other every day. I love that we have such a variety of skill levels, because it reminds you of where you started and and it gives you an idea of where you could be. Hard work in training pays off and it truly is hard work. What keeps me coming back is knowing that the skills and knowledge learned at Sanami Dojo gives you the opportunity to be the very best that you can be…but in the end its up to you if you really want to earn it.

Testimonials: Mark Vaughan

“I was initially drawn to Bujinkan for philosophical reasons. There was an elegance and depth that attracted me. Later I came to understand that, like physics lab, the abstract concepts were played out in exacting detail to prove their effectiveness in combat. Most important though has been the genuineness behind everything Duff does and the effort put into Sanami Dojo to aspire to greatness. The atmosphere of the Dojo inspires self reflection and clear-sightedness to look into the heart and learn from personal mistakes. I was made to feel welcome right from the start despite the intensity of the training. And so it is no wonder that we have such a good group now to continue that feeling.” – Mark Vaughan

Testimonials: Oscar Bacca

We all grew up dreaming to be ninjas, samurais, and great martial artists.  Sometimes the art calls for you to take up on the journey.

The greatest thing about Sanami Dojo, is the discoveries within yourself, and the connections with life and others.   With Sensei Duff heading our teaching, rest assure you’re getting his outmost effort and quality in his martial arts teachings.

Sensei’s approach through real life situations, and philosophical metaphors will broaden all your senses and eases the learning and understanding whatever he may be teaching.  Whether be taijutsu, armed, the basics all the way to the most complicated techniques, Sensei Duff is committed to guiding you to success.  He’s a great teacher, and a greater friend, funny, smart, skilled with a side of fries, but no milkshake.  No sugar coated training with colorful belts and shiny medals. He tells you like it is, and what you need to hear in order to strive on ahead.

I’ve been training for a few years already, made some good friends, and met some awesome teachers from around the world.  I’ve created a better outlook in life, sharpened my skills, and ability to focus.  The art allows you to apply these skills to not only the training but to everyday life.  Learning that everything is possible within every moment and every moment within.  I’m lucky and grateful to have met and be able to grow with the people of Sanami Dojo.  After a hard day’s work, I always look forward to sharing my evening with my fellow practitioners.

Testimonials: Dylan Buehler

“Training at the dojo is truly an amazing experience, I am glad to be able to say that I train under the guidance of duff, his teaching style is immaculate and his ability to explain the dynamics of Taijutsu on any level astonished me when I began training and it still does to this day. I have benefited greatly in all aspects of my life from training at the dojo and I am glad that I made the decision to start” -Dylan Buehler

Testimonials: Sean Smith

Sometimes you meet someone that inspires you to be a better person.
Duff Culp is such a person!
Sanami Dojo is such a place!
Everyone is like family, and are there to help and support one another with our personal growth.
I am blessed to be part of such a family.
Thanks to all my brothers and sisters.
– Sean Smith

Testimonials: Steve Buehler

Training at the dojo is great. It is serious training but fun at the same time. Duff is a great teacher who doesn’t sugar coat things so you really know where your at in your training.Steve B

Testimonials: DeJuan Ancarana

I began my martial arts exploration back in the 80s and 90s, first with Tae Kwon Do, then with Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu while in the Army, stationed at Fort Bragg, NC.  For several years after leaving the Army I looked for a comparable dojo, while training in other arts as available.  It wasn’t until last year that I found what I was looking for. What I like about Duff’s approach is both the grounding in realism that I found in training with other soldiers, as well as the quality of the Budo as passed on from teacher to student. I enjoy training and growing with my Budo family each week. – DeJuan Ancarana

Testimonials: Guymon Adams

“I’ve wanted to train in the Bujinkan arts since I was a kid (spent years in Tae Kwon Do instead)… so finding Duff Culp and Bujinkan Sanami Dojo so many years later was a truly awesome life altering experience! Duff is an awesome teacher who is truly committed to his art, and is excellent at guiding his students through this powerfully dynamic and complex martial art, constantly evolving our understanding of Taijutsu. Training at Bujinkan Sanami Dojo for this past year has been an amazing personal journey and growing experience for me that I could go on about for hours. Suffice it to say, it has helped me sharpen my over all mental focus,  self discipline, creativity, and has all around helped me re-center and better myself as a person. I just wish I’d started training sooner! :)” – Guymon Adams

Testimonials: Dan Kernek

“I have had the opportunity to train with and now under the guidance of Duff for many years. He has always been a dedicated student as well as teacher. Duff truly cares about his student’s progress and his efforts show in their progression. Over the years I have seen Duff grow abundantly in his own training, which he brings back to his classes and shares openly what he has learned. He is a well rounded individual with an outstanding positive “can do” attitude. The fellow students definitely share this dedication. I feel lucky to have fallen in with such a great group of people to train, learn and grow with.” – Dan Kernek

Testimonials: Edward Huerta

“What a great bunch of guys!  I have come to respect their talents and dedication as a group. The group I am proud to call my brothers, my family, My Bujinkan Sanami Family. I believe I have hurdles to address and like the challenges that are put before me. But with my Sanami family I know I can conquer anything. I guess I am guilty sometimes of eating, drinking, and breathing my art but I love it! And have nothing but Respect and Love for my Sanami Family!!! Thank You! Duff and the Gang!” – Edward Huerta

Testimonials: Cody Wilbourn

“I am proud to be a member of Bujinkan Sanami Dojo. There isn’t another group that I would rather train with–they’re all a friendly, driven group of individuals. Duff is a fantastic sensei whose passion for the art shows through every class, and his willingness to adapt his knowledge to your learning style helps everyone to excel.” – Cody Wilbourn

Testimonials: Aleksey Spivak

“The greatest reward at Sanami Dojo is the mental discipline and fortitude you can apply to any challenge in your daily life. Train hard, train safe and keep great company.” – Aleksey Spivak