Bujinkan Sanami Dojo

Austin, TX • 512.773.9952

About the Dojo

Bujinkan Sanami dojo is located in South Austin, TX and headed by Duff Culp. The dojo is comprised of adult students with no kids classes, this leads to a serious training atmosphere. Friendly, competition free classes that provide students with the important foundations to function and succeed as successful martial artists regardless of size and fitness level. The continuity of training will develop the students unique abilities and shape the basics over the years into a cohesive form of practical self defense that does not rely on acting like a tiger or taking steroids.


The greatest improvements at the dojo have been on the inside of the building which began as  a shell of nothing. We have all chipped in and remodeled the walls and floors, designed weapon racks, developed an overall comfort with the new mats. It shows with the willingness of students to give back and take personal pride in the dojo that we have the makings of something special. We are looking to build the space into a long term permanent home and mold the place into a lush Japanese garden one step at a time as the place grows with our abilities and overall spirit.  We are not only building Bujinkan members but lifetime friendships. This is important for everyones growth. Void of ego and competition the dojo is a great place to build self confidence and self awareness. Training should be a personal reflection of ones self. We are here to help people learn things about themselves and their abilities that they may have never known or achieved other wise. Learning our own personal truths and abilities to change our own behaviors and habits may be the hardest yet most fulfilling part of the training. The martial arts are not just about throws and locks. The mind and heart lead the body, so to truly be effective martial artists we not only have to train our bodies but our unconcious and concious thoughts. Truth is important… Accepting the things you like and dont like about yourself touches on the theme of training and why I chose the name Sanami.


The name (Sanami) is a combination of two kanji, one for truth and one for fact. The kanji for truth is also used with the kanji for “heart” (kokoro) to give “magakoro”. which means sincerity and devotion, and also a true and pure heart. the kanji can also be pronounced as shinjitsu which also means fact, reality, and truth.these are the goals of Bujinkan Sanami Dojo, to spread the truth of martial arts and the teachings of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (Soke). Training is generally outdoors unless the weather is too bad. When the weather is to dangerous, lightning, icy driving conditions, ect. class may be canceled or moved indoors. Training is in South Austin and includes all facets of Taijutsu along with Ninpo as they are revealed to Mr. Culp. We look forward to training with you. To observe a class please contact us.


We train in depth on Kihon Happo, Sanshin, Shoshin, Gogyo, and the ten chi jin ryaku no maki. Through these foundations we delve into the schools of the bujinkan in a way that always brings new perspectives to light. The students are the real heart of the dojo and are the reason that we have been able to grow and progress. We do not view people as dollar signs and look to build a chain of dojos. We are happy with 2 students or 100. It really comes back to having people that have a great heart and bring something back to the dojo which adds to the overall energy. Many Westerners assume that they pay you and you work for them. This is not the case with Japanese martial arts. There is an exchange and a relationship of trust and respect. The lessons are not held back and we train in groups together on basic and advanced ideas. The student is expected to apply themselves to discerning the information and applying it to their unique abilities and understanding where they are at in the training. Accountability for taking the information and working to your own level will teach patience and foster determination or show the student that this is their weakness. Generally most student realize in time that the mind is what is holding them back and then they begin to evolve internally. The body will develop naturally with hard work and proper alignment and structure. Getting the body to communicate with the mind is not something that can be forced and takes a student having determination and a willingness to work and wait. We are like trees, we have to prune ourselves knowing that the branch will not grow cannnot be seen and the flowers are not ready to bloom. Then after time passes we can enjoy the fruits of ourlabors.


Our dojo  is authorized and accredited through Hombu dojo in Japan by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi to train in the nine schools of the Bujinkan. Generally only 6 of the 9 schools are taught. 3 of the schools are rarely shown by Hatsumi Sensei. One reason being that a large portion of some of those schools to my knowledge concern governing a province and building houses and trap doors. etc…We are proud to be active members of the Bujinkan organization and uphold all ranking through Hombu dojo in Japan. Only with an official teaching license and rank certificate authorized by Hombu dojo will  be acepted in other bujinkan dojos or in Japan.


Many teachers choose to make their own certificates in many arts not just in the bujinkan. These certificates are not legitimate and will not be accepted at Sanami Dojo or any other Bujinkan dojo nor in Japan. Only people who have passed the godan test with Hatsumi Sensei are considered shidoshi. Be aware of these things and you wont be fooled or disappointed in the future when you go to Japan to train and someone tells you that your certificate is worthless.